Michael Roitzsch

M³ and Beyond: Secure Systems with Fast Enforcement

The M³ microkernel-based system started out as a hardware-software co-designed architecture to securely integrate heterogeneous resources. The talk will explain the evolution of M³ with the integration of fast-path communication between accelerators and efficient context switching support. The unifying lesson was to implement minimal enforcement mechanisms on the communication path to enforce the security of operations. We are currently applying these same concepts to disaggregated data centers as well as to off-the-self hardware in the form of Fastcalls.

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Michael Roitzsch received his PhD at Technische Universität Dresden under Prof. Hermann Härtig. His earlier works focussed on real-time scheduling within application runtimes. In 2019 he became leader of the Composable Operating Systems group at Barkhausen Institute. The group works on microkernels and hardware-software co-designs to improve trustworthiness in the Internet of Things.