Day 1 - July 5th | Dresden Research Center

00:00:00Ziang HuHuawei: opening speech
00:21:25Diogo BehrensEnabling Performance on Modern Hardware with Practical Verification [PDF]
01:11:33Roland MeyerPointer Life Cycle Types for Lock-Free Data Structures with Memory Reclamation [PDF]
02:11:44Sanidhya KashyapScalable Storage Stack for Persistent Memory [PDF]
02:58:22Baptiste LepersOFence: Pairing Barriers to Find Concurrency Bugs in the Linux Kernel [PDF]
05:03:34Michael RoitzschM³ and Beyond: Secure Systems with Fast Enforcement [PDF]
05:53:26Lluis VilanovaSlashing the Disaggregation Tax in Heterogeneous Data Centers with FractOS
06:43:00Jörg RödelBuilding Blocks of Confidential Computing [PDF]
Day 2 - July 6th |
Dresden Research Center & Edinburgh Bayes Center

00:50:06Alexei StarovoitovThe story of BPF [PDF]
01:41:43KP SinghBPF LSM: Why and What's next? [PDF]
02:29:00Felipe HuiciCut your Cloud Costs by Half with Unicraft [PDF]
03:31:40Miguel OjedaRust for Linux: Overview and Status [PDF]
04:21:23Paolo ValenteThe BFQ I/O scheduler: : a development journey from academia to industry
05:13:00Alex BeneeVirtIO HALs and other abstractions [PDF]
06:50:00David RobertsonOpening Speech - Coffee House
06:57:28Stratis ViglasOpening for Data Analytics
07:08:19Peter PietzuchWhat can machine learning systems learn from data analytics? [PDF]
07:51:30Peter TriantafillouTowards Learned Data Management
08:38:22Peter BunemanThe Providence of Provenance
Day 3 - July 7th | Edinburgh Bayes Center

00:24:21Jeff PanThird Day Opening; Knowledge Graphs
00:30:40Christophe GueretIntegrated HealthCare Datasets for Knowledge Discovery [PDF]
01:09:27Freddy LecueUncovering the Semantics of Deep Neural Networks with Knowledge Graphs [PDF]
02:01:48Mark SteedmanInference in Open-Domain Question-Answering [PDF]
03:00:24Dan GhicaOpening for Compiler & PL
03:13:23Derek DreyerScalable Foundations for Verified Systems Programming [PDF]
03:57:37Tomas PetricekRethinking data exploration tools
05:19:18Paul KellyTowards cross-domain domain-specific compiler architecture [PDF]
05:59:44Zheng WangTowards Autonomous Compiler Design Using Machine Learning [PDF]
06:42:48Alastair DonaldsonLow Fat Recipes for Reliable Programming Languages [PDF]

Day 3 - July 7th | Ireland Research Centre

00:15:30Derek CollinsOpening
00:17:26Meng Wang and Hanliang ZhangOwnership and Lifetime Driven Synthesizer for Automatic C to Rust Translationn [PDF]
01:02:00Yijun YuKey Technology in the Trusted Programming [PDF]
02:06:13Brieuc JeunhommeFast Fault Locating Technology for Complex Systems [PDF]
02:45:05Aleksandar MilenovicIntroduction to the Technology Research of System Autonomous Assurance Capability [PDF]
03:34:13Guohui XiaoVirtual Knowledge Graphs - Applications and Tools [PDF]
05:15:54Ivana Dusparic and Pieter BarnardExplainable Machine Learning for Optimization of Resource Use in Large-scale Heterogeneous Infrastructures [PDF]
05:52:04Tobias Alexander FrankeA New Gaming Eco-system for Huawei [PDF]
06:33:57Sourav DuttaHuawei Multilingual NLP Tech in HMS [PDF]