2012 Labs Global Software Technology Summit

2012 Labs Global Software Technology Summit is a conference committed to connecting the world, exploring new technologies, promoting software technology, and advancing software-hardware collaborative technology innovation and architecture breakthrough. It is held by the Software Sub-committee of 2012 Labs in conjunction with the Canadian Research Institute, European Research Institute and other Huawei Research Institutes. The conference will invite top technical experts from industry and academia to conduct in-depth discussions over industry trends and frontier technologies based on software platform and ecosystem, working together to promote software to extend our roots deep into the soil and to break limits high in the sky.


Huawei Scientist Committee

The Huawei Scientist Committee consists of chief scientists, scientists, and assistant scientists in various fields of Huawei. It is responsible for leading the development of science and technology of related domain in Huawei, and providing suggestions on the future direction of science and technology for the company. The Huawei Scientist Committee expects to learn from the world and explore the boundary of science, via organizing internal and external academic discussion, including coffee meeting, technical workshop, academic summit, paper sharing activity, etc. It is a platform for young scientists to emerge and grow.


Edinburgh Coffee House

Huawei Edinburgh Coffee House is located in the Bayes Centre of the University of Edinburgh. Here, serving the Schools of Informatics, Engineering, and Mathematics the aim is to actively seek to integrate into the academic salon and support working across research institutes in the UK and Europe, strengthen academic exploration and research cooperation. The Coffee House through this collaborative technical research and talent training seeks to continue to improve the company's research and innovation capabilities. The Coffee House advocates that “Capturing collaborative energy over a cup of coffee, and bringing the world's best minds together”.


ICT 2022

The third ICT Software Technology Summit will be held in 13 places at home and abroad from July to August 2022. This summit will focus on providing an arena for employees to communicate and share, from four dimensions, including technology frontier, software engineering, software architecture, and software performance. Technological frontier will discover, collide, enlighten, and look up at the stars. A cup of coffee absorbs the energy of the universe. Software engineering will focus on sharing best practices, exploring cutting-edge technologies, improving R&D efficiency, and looking forward to the future of software engineering. Software architecture will focus on design thinking, operating system, system engineering, and Clean Architecture. Software performance will focus on performance engineering, combination of software and hardware, and full-stack optimization, and  enabling high-performance software practice and innovation. At the same time, each venue will focus on one technology direction, build a software capability network in the ICT field, connect internal and external experts, and present a rich technological feast for everyone.

第三届ICT软件技术大会将于2022年7-8月在海内外10+3地举行。 本次大会更加聚焦给员工提供交流分享的舞台,从技术前沿、软件工程、软件架构及软件性能4个维度进行交流。 技术前沿,发现、碰撞、启迪、仰望星空,一杯咖啡吸收宇宙能量; 软件工程,分享最佳实践,探索前沿技术,助力研发效能提升,展望软件工程未来; 软件架构,设计思维、操作系统、系统工程,Clean Architecture; 软件性能,性能工程、软硬结合、全栈优化,实现高性能软件的实践与创新。 同时每个分会场也将聚焦一个技术方向,打造ICT领域的软件能力网,连接内外部专家,为大家呈现一场丰富的技术盛宴!