Huawei Systems Software Innovations Summit 2021
30th – 31st March 2021

Huawei is committed to bring digital to every person, home and organization for a fully-connected intelligent world. To harness the true benefits of 5G, AI, and Cloud, the operating system that underpins the foundation of these technologies must successfully resolve the challenges that arise from the need to support a rich variety of business scenarios on thousands of heterogeneous devices. Huawei aims to foster the open-minded discussion of industry challenges with its academic and industrial partners.


Huawei European Research Institute and Central Software Institute together invite collaboration partners and the research community to join the two-day open access online conference focusing on the latest research and development in operating systems, formal verification of software correctness, computer architectures and related topics – innovations which will build the future mission-critical systems.


The scope of the conference is based on publically available information and the presentations are open to all participants (external experts and Huawei colleagues). The Attendees include professors and experts coming from our partners in Europe and employees from Huawei Dresden Research Center. The sponsor of the Huawei Systems Software Innovations Summit 2021 is Huawei Dresden Research Center.

 Tuesday, March 30th
The times are in UTC+2 (CEST).
08:40Huawei: opening speechZishang Xiang
Huawei European Research Institute, Vice President
Haibo Chen
Huawei OS Kernel Lab, Director
09:00L4-Based Systems: New Challenges and OpportunitiesHermann Härtig
Dresden University of Technology
09:50What Do FPGAs Mean for Operating System Design?Timothy Roscoe
ETH Zurich
10:40coffee break
10:50CubicleOS: Need More Partitioned Systems, Not MicrokernelsVasily A. Sartakov
Imperial College London
11:40Models and Languages to Tame Heterogeneous Computing SystemsJeronimo Castrillon
Dresden University of Technology
12:30lunch break
13:30Hardware-Software Contracts for Safe and Secure SystemsJan Reineke
Saarland University
14:20A Secure and Formally Verified Linux KVM HypervisorRonghui Gu
Columbia University
15:10OmniX - an OS Architecture for Omni-Programmable SystemsMark Silberstein

 Wednesday, March 31st
The times are in UTC+2 (CEST).
08:30seL4, from a Dream to a World Shift towards Verified SoftwareJune Andronick
seL4 Foundation and UNSW, Sydney
09:20Automated Verification of Low-Level Concurrent C/C++ ComponentsViktor Vafeiadis
Max Planck Institute for Software Systems (MPI-SWS)
10:10coffee break
10:20VSync: Push-Button Verification and Optimization for Synchronization Primitives on Weak Memory ModelsDiogo Behrens
11:10Application-Defined ConcurrencySanidhya Kashyap
École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)
12:00lunch break
13:00MxKernel: Rethinking the System Software Architecture for Modern Heterogeneous Manycore ComputersOlaf Spinczyk
Osnabrück University
13:50Working with the Linux Kernel for Arm ProcessorsArnd Bergmann
14:40Linux Kernel Development – too fast to be stableGreg Kroah-Hartman
Linux Foundation
15:30M3: End-to-End Memory Management in Elastic Systems Software StackDing Yuan
University of Toronto
16:20Huawei: closing speechJin Huang
Huawei CSI Euler Department, President

Our Speakers